"I have worked for Dr. Poly for six months. Despite her exceptionally busy schedule, and although I am not an actual patient of hers, she always makes time to listen and offer little pieces of information to help me on my journey to become a healthier person. This act of kindness and dedication is something truly admirable, and something that I am extremely grateful for. From the moment that you meet Dr. Poly, you feel an automatic sense of welcome and can immediately tell that she is so passionate about nutrition and about helping people reach their goals. Dr. Poly’s patients always leave her office with a smile, and sometimes even almost a sense of relief because they can tell that she will be there and guide and support them through their lifestyle change."

– Kayla, Uxbridge, MA

"Dr. Poly, I wanted to thank you for all the nutritional help you have given me. I'm eating so much better, and am down to 171 pounds and am happy with the new regime. Please know you have helped my wife and I enormously.”

– Gerry

 "Dr. Poly has helped my mom and I have a healthy thought process and balanced meal plan. We are consistently losing weight while eating the foods we enjoy in moderation. It is a life long change!"

– Donna & Bryanna, No. Smithfield, RI

"Initially, I came to Dr. Poly after being diagnosed with diabetes, not realizing that this would be life long lifestyle change. I have tried other weight loss methods in the past, but always found myself reverting back to the same poor eating habits. Over the past several months, Dr. Poly has completely changed the way I view food. She has given me the tools that I need so that food is now something that sustains my life, rather than controls it. Dr. Poly has not only been my nutritionist, but she has been a counselor, and a friend to me when I have needed it the most. I truly believe that the world would be a better place if we had more specialists like Dr. Poly who care about their patients and are so passionate about what they do. So far, I have lost 110 pounds, but this is definitely a life long change, and I am still working at achieving my goals. I can honestly say that I would never have come this far without the guidance and absolute support of Dr. Poly."

– Lisa, Whitinsville, MA

“Dr. Poly’s hands-on involvement, sharing her extensive knowledge of nutrition and the way it affects everyone, illuminates her ambitious, thoughtful nature and desire to improve people’s overall well-being through following a healthy diet.

Coreyann consistently reinforces and encourages the consumption of nutrient-rich foods, in part to address both prevention and management of chronic diseases. She is a chief proponent of meals made “from scratch” and developed a menu of flavorful, appealing recipes while reducing sodium intake.”

– Kim Carr, Salmon Health and Retirement

Dr. Poly is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and how it affects your body and specific health issues. She gives some "tough love" but everything she says and does it for the health and well being of her patients. As a Type II Diabetic and chronic dieter, I've been most successful listening to her guidance.

– Justine Jacome, Blackstone, MA, Feb 28, 2017